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Mission Statement

To teach Ashtanga and basic hatha yoga in freeform settings, to combine yoga with beauty and fun around us. To offer my buddha photos for sale as photographic canvas art or gift cards.

About Me:

I have practiced yoga in many interesting places. With my practice memorized I can carry it anywhere. The challenge of balancing on a dock over the water adds just enough zip to keep it fresh. The feeling of the wind moving across my body awakens all my senses in the practice. Do these activities direct my attention inward or draw me out?  I look across and mimic the tree; its tall trunk is like my spine. I feel the waves as a constant reminder to breathe.

Outdoor yoga has its drawbacks. If it rains or is too cold the class is cancelled.  But connecting to your practice in this freeform setting is life affirming and stress relieving.  It connects you with the grandest that God has to offer. In and around Cleveland we have some wonderful spots to practice. In Costa Rica practicing outdoors gives you the feeling of being much more than a tourist.

Kayaking to a beach around Rocky River  and practicing yoga on a stand up paddleboard on the lake are fun ways to learn new skills together.

Take a look at this web page and imagine yourself living and practicing in all this beauty.

ginny Walters

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