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ginny Walters is a local yoga instructor who attended school at the Boston Institute of Art before she became a yogini. For three years in the mid-80’s she was a photography artist-in-residence at the Southwest Craft Center in San Antonio, Texas. She has exhibited in Austin, Texas and Durango, Colorado.  This body of work is bringing her full circle expressing through the medium of photography her intimate view of the world with the help of the little three and three-quarter-inch buddha.

Wholesale Pricing

The cards are sold in sets of 12 (3 of the 4 designs).

$24.00 ($2.00 per card). The cards should retail for $3.50 a piece. Cards can be printed  in 4X5.5, 5X7  or 5X5.

Wholesale Pricing Gallery Canvas Wraps

Image Size and Price
The image you select can be printed in the size suggested by the image itself. Some images look better in a square format and others in a rectangle. Gallery wraps are available in custom sizes between 5x5 and 40x60. Photographic Gallery Wraps are available in custom sizes between 8x8 and 30x40. Please email with your questions and suggestions will be given for the best size for the image you request. Prices are from $100 to $400.

A quote will be given to you with shipping costs included.


Step 1: Choose a photo from this Photo Gallery. Click here to see galleries!

Step 2: Send your request to
or do it directly on our orderform with the name of photo and the number of sets you wish to purchase; please include your phone number. Someone will contact you for billing and shipping specifics.